Conwell & Associates Consulting Company was established to provide
quality service to our clients. Conwell & Associates Consulting Company is
dedicated in assisting businesses in producing positive results in Profit,
Productivity, Growth and Organizational Effectiveness.

Conwell & Associates Consulting Company brings extensive expertise and
experience in the corporate arena, developing and implementing strategic
planning, leadership , organizational change and effectiveness, training and
development, and operations management.

Conwell & Associates Consulting Company, in partnership with their
clients, makes organizational health a reality for their business entities.
This is accomplished through developing, defining, communicating,
implementing and reinforcing the vision, values, and the rules of conduct
of an organization set by the leadership. It does not matter what your
business manufactures, sells, or what service it provides — if it is large,
small, or somewhere in between — organizational health is the key to
measurable and sustainable success. History shows that the ocean floor is
littered with the wrecks of businesses that were sound on paper but could
not remain afloat during economic downturns, leadership changes, and
other reversals because the organizations were not healthy entities within.


                    Our Philosophy

For Conwell & Associates' employees, our philosophy is simple:
Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it, and do it right the
first time.

This philosophy drives our client and industry relationships. Establishing
value and trust is of utmost importance to all of us at Conwell & Associates
Consulting Company. We realize that service to our customers and
community establishes and maintains the path for our continued success.  

As we embark on our next year, we recognize that these guiding principles
have laid the groundwork for our reputation of distinction, which we have
worked so very hard to earn in our industry.  Our philosophy has resulted
in our continuous growth, repeat business and ongoing success.  Despite
our growth, we remain client driven rather than revenue driven.

Due to our Philosophy:
• Over 70% of our revenues today are repeat Clients
• We have built a sound industry reputation
• Many of our projects receive industry high marks
• Our past Clients are our best marketing tool
About the Firm
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